Roerich School is a private educational institution, lisensed by the Ministry of Education and Science for a 12-year course of study with a unique for Bulgaria combination of early intensive study of foreign languages and study of arts. The first operational year for the School was school year 1998/99. The central idea in the Roerich School educational concept is to harmonize intellectual and spiritual development and lead young people to have an active stand in developing civil society in Bulgaria.  Building active citizenship among young people in a new democracy is very challenging task. European multicultural projects are of great support in this direction. Roerich School also has rich experience in integrating children with special educational needs and sees this as a natural asset of every modern educational institution.
The Project will play an important role in developing our community and will hence have a broader impact along the following strategic lines and values:
- Enriching communication through cooperation that stimulates understanding beyond linguistic and geographical boundaries;
- Creating space for developing innovative ideas and cross-cultural experiments; 
- Inviting tolerance and opening doors for mutual respect and appreciation of cultural diversity;
- Creating trust in sharing and confidence in coping with similar challenges in education and communication in Europe;
- Broadening the positive perspective and the possibilities for following good practices and successful transformational models.