Italy's profile

Area: 301,318 sq km

Population: Approximately 60.05m 

Capital City: Rome 

Language: Italian. 

Religion: 83% Roman Catholic.

Currency: EuroISIS VASARI was born as Polythecnic Schools in 1967. In five years time it grew with other 5 school sections becoming an all inclusive Istitute. It counts with 1300 students and with 185 qualified staff (professors and administratives).


The schools sections of the Institute are: Scientific High School, Polytechnic for Supervisors, IGEA (Economics, Finance and Marketing) and since 1999 IPSSAR (Professional Institute for Hotel and Restaurant Service). The school offers also evening classes with the aim to improve adults' learning.
The schools welcomes innovative solutions in the field of education and puts efforts on the high quality of learning processes such as laboratories and e-learning. Students have the chance to acquire a good technological preparation thanks to the computerised laboratories. Professors and students have organised Enterprise Simulations, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, funded by the European Social Fund.  
As far as transnational mobility is concerned, the School participates since years in several LLP-LdV-IVT projects, involving a high number of students from the Professional Institute. Since this year, two classes with travel abroad for a professionalised internship thanks to the European Social Fund.
One of the school strong points is the dual system of class lessons and internships: students enrich their competences thanks to professional internships arranged in local, national or European hosting enterprises.
Language learning has been a goal pursued constantly by the school, which has organised laboratories of learning and reading issuing international certifications.
The school implements since years several projects, funded by the European Social Fund. They target:
- students with special needs (Ability and work, DEC, etc.);
- students at the risk of early school leaving (SOS, Innovare, DISCO);
- students in vocational classes after compulsory education (BE-COOKER, CONVIVER, RISTORA);
- adults' learning (evening courses, RICORDI).
Vasari has created a local network with schools and Universities, in order to meet students and adults' learning needs.