Poland's Profile

Area: 312,685 sq. km (120,728 sq. mi).

Population: Approximately 38.1 million.

Capital City: Warsaw.

Languages: Polish

Religion(s): Roman Catholic (95%), Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Other (1.5%)

Currency: 1 zloty (PLN) = 100 groszys


It will be very meaningful for us to strengthen cultural, professional and educational connections with European partner schools in an active climate. It will give our students the flexibility and adaptability to life and the taste of teamwork as well. 

Our students prepare to external exams in various professional branches according to the central exam regulations. There are both general subjects on the curricula as well as the vocational ones. Foreign language skills are very important for our students considering their future job opportunities and for a wider knowledge society as well as a qualified workforce involvement across Europe. The graduates get into a job in accordance with their branches or study further for higher education. We have also students that come from socially and economically disadvantaged background that are eager to benefit from every learning environment at school. We aim to involve our students in the activities that will help them to develop an understanding of the diversity of the European cultures, languages and its value. They will be able to plan personal and professional progression through various learning environments during the project. We also teach four foreign languages: English, German, Russian and French. In order to make the students successful managers of their own lives as Europe.