We are a large Secondary  and Vocational  School  within a mixed housing area on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. The number of immigrant  students is increasing every year.  These are mainly from Poland, Rumania, Russia, China and South America.   We also have students with special needs and from a minority ethnic group (gypsies). Diversity and integration are very important concerns for us.  

The school’s intake reflects a broad socio economic mix within our community. The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum. It  provides a rich agenda of extra curricular activities for its pupils. Students do not have enough opportunities to speak English in authentic situations.

   The school recognises the importance of intercultural dialogue for its pupils, their parents and for the community which it serves. It aims to promote friendship, tolerance and understanding at all levels and strives to involve itself in international initiatives that are underpinned by these values. Our pupils will gain a clearer understanding of children’s lives and behaviour from across the continent of Europe and become aware that children everywhere have the same range of needs, emotions, joys, concerns and passions that they hold. The schools wishes to educate its children as citizens of Europe and to encourage them to learn from the experiences and lives of other European citizens from varying cultures found within the European Union.


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