a) Our school is located in Kocaeli_a city at a distance of 90 km to Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. Kocaeli is one of the most developed cities in terms of industry , business trade , sea and mountain tourism. Our school has been immigrated widely. There are students with different cultural behaviours from different regions of Turkey. In many respects, it will be an advantage for us to take part in the project because it will enable our pupils to adopt an effective pollicy towards different countries' cultures as they have already been consisted of intercultural communities. In addition, their learning of different languages, spoken in Europe, will both develop their point of view towards linguistic skills and have a chance to observe their peers who have different cultural features like them. The pupils will be able to learn European culture by communicating personally. We believe that it will create a common cultural perception.
b.)  The school provides an opportunity for the participant pupils to see museums exhibiting antic civilizations's reveals. They will improve their point of view towards understanding origins of their ancestors. Our school recognises the importance of intercultural dialogue between all the participant pupils. We wish to enable them to create a common understanding of European culture by following footsteps of the past.